August 12, 2016

What We’re Reading: Close urban-rural ties in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Stories we loved the week of August 7, 2016:


Rural-Urban Linkages in SSA Food Systems – IFAD

“This paper examines the role of rural-urban linkages in fostering inclusive and sustainable food systems and how these contribute to rural transformation and, more broadly, to sustainable and inclusive development. Focusing on Sub-Saharan Africa [SSA], the paper analyses the interdependencies between rural and urban areas and points to the key roles played by rural-based populations and producers, particularly smallholders, in promoting inclusive, mutually beneficial and sustainable urbanization.” [PDF]

Scientists Call for Greater Sustainable Ag R&D – The Cattle Site

A new study of United States government spending on sustainable agriculture “searched 824 projects accounting for almost $300 million in funding. In many cases, sustainable agriculture was included in projects but not as the primary focus, which the researchers said suggested that significant improvements in sustainable agriculture could be made with additional investments and support.”

Managing Climate-Related Food Security Risks – CGIAR

“Climate change will have far-reaching impacts on crop, livestock and fisheries production, and will change the prevalence of crop pests. Many of these impacts are already measurable. Climate impact studies are dominated by those on crop yields despite the limitations of climate-crop modelling, with very little attention paid to more systems components of cropping, let alone other dimensions of food security. Given the serious threats to food security, attention should shift to an action-oriented research agenda.”

Featured image: “U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) facility” by Eric Schmelz/USDA, on Flickr.

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