September 16, 2016

What We’re Reading: Billion Dollar Opportunity in Sustainable Land Use

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Stories we loved the week of September 12th:

The billion-dollar opportunity in sustainable land use – Sustainability

“Sustainable land use in forestry and agriculture is critical to prosperous rural economies, inclusive development and dealing with climate change. But more than that, it is an enormous investment and growth opportunity for the private sector.”

The Calculus for Commitment: The Power of Involving the Private Sector in Social Impact Networks – Stanford Social Innovation Review

“The importance of engaging the private sector in efforts to address social problems is increasingly apparent. Wicked problems defy single-point solutions, and no single organization or sector working in isolation can solve them. This widespread understanding is matched by a growing number of businesses exploring the integration of social impact into their core strategies.”

The Surprising Link between the Tapirs of Costa Rica and Climate Change – Ensia

“The biggest trees in tropical forests, the ones that can store the most carbon, tend to have bigger seeds and rely on big, fruit-eating animals like tapirs, monkeys and large birds to disperse those seeds. ‘So what happens if we have forests that are empty? There will be cascade effects,’ says Carolina Bello, an ecologist at São Paulo State University in Brazil, including possible changes to the amount of carbon a forest can hold.”

Photo by Lee Gross

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