January 4, 2016

What We’re Reading: 2015 Lists, Invading Oil, and Future Conservation

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Kick off the new year with reflections of trends past and changes to come.

15 climate stories from 2015

From meat consumption, public awareness, and the number of pages of international agreements, here is a list of the top 15 climate stories of 2015, through the medium of numbers.

Carbon Brief

Top 15 wins for sustainable agriculture in 2015

Sustainable agriculture made strides this past year. From conservation to empowering beginning farmers, this list gives the “Top 15” highlights of 2015.

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

Thinking landscapes and the importance of youth to meet the COP21 1.5 degree goal

Before the landmark climate deal in Paris, there was the Global Landscapes Forum. This conference emphasized the role of youth in tackling the most critical landscape issues.

Huffington Post

The Yellowstone of the future

“Environmental entrepreneurs” are creating alternatives to traditional models of nature protection.

New York Times

How the weather affected British wildlife in 2015

Under a shifting climate, new weather patterns, and pressures from human activities, wildlife either thrive or languish as they face new conditions.


Islands at the frontline of climate change: from impacts to solutions

In the face of climate change, islands present opportunities to showcase nature-based solutions to mitigation and adaptation challenges.


Italians are fighting an ‘invasion’ of palm oil

Caught in the storm of public opinion and consumer responsibility, palm oil products come under the scrutiny of a country that is re-evaluating their role in conservation, climate change, and deforestation.

The Guardian

Holistic adaptation needed for smallholders in the Philippines

Training in holistic farming techniques is empowering smallholder farmers to address the impacts of climate change on their farms.

World Agroforestry Blog



Top photo by Alan Piazza / World Bank, via The World Bank Photo Collection Flickr Account.

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