August 31, 2015

This September, new research will help East and Southeast Asia “green” commodity agriculture

Lucila FernandezEcoAgriculture Partners

In a region where accelerated agricultural development has led to serious resource degradation, new research shows policy makers in East and Southeast Asia how to take major steps forward in reducing the environmental footprint of agriculture.

EcoAgriculture Partners joined forces with the World Bank and Clarmondial to produce the forthcoming book Steps Toward Green, a study on agri-environmental policy in Asia. With knowledge gathered from experience of policy innovations in six agricultural commodity landscapes, the book informs policy makers how to mainstream environmental conservation in Asia, and beyond.

Countering decades of overexploitation

Since the 1970’s, over-exploitation of production landscapes has threatened both rural and urban communities by crippling ecosystems ability to maintain healthy soils and clean waterways, sustain populations of wildlife, and sequester greenhouse gasses. International interest in the sustainability of the region and the urgency of environmental degradation that threatens production and growth has generated some momentum for sustainable land use practices. This in turn has generated responses from local governments and civil society to implement on-farm and landscape-based projects to address degradation and improve production practices. However, these efforts are often operating independently, are poorly coordinated and lack policy support.

Policy makers are well positioned to strengthen the impact of such efforts through integrated strategies to make commodity agriculture environmentally sustainable. To lead decision makers in a greener direction, Steps Toward Green recommends strategies for governments to support and promote sustainability in agriculture.

Book launch event will feature expert reviewers

This September 15th, leading authors Sara J. Scherr and Steven M. Jaffee will join experts from Conservation International and the International Finance Corporation in a Roundtable Discussion. The event will celebrate the launch of this new research, and reflect on strategies of how to make commodity agriculture sustainable.

Greening Commodity Agriculture will take place at The World Bank in Washington, D.C. EcoAgriculture Partners invites local audiences to join in-person, and welcomes off-site guests to tune in via a live webcast. RSVP here.

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