October 7, 2015

Presentation: “Financing Integrated Landscape Initiatives” at Artisans of the Grasslands

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Where does finance for integrated landscape management need to go next to scale up solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Agenda?

EcoAgriculture Partners’ President Sara J. Scherr gave the presentation focusing on how finance for integrated landscape management is changing and where it needs to go to power up the shift to sustainable development and regenerative agriculture at Artisans of the Grasslands, put on by the Savory Institute from October 2-4, 2015 just outside of San Francisco.

Pushing the frontier of landscape finance

EcoAgriculture Partners is currently working on improving sustainable agricultural finance in a few key ways, as Sara’s presentation shows. We continue to analyze and evaluate the current financing opportunities and roadblocks for more coordinated investment in agricultural landscapes, building on our work in Financing Strategies for Integrated Landscape InvestmentSimultaneously, we are pressing forward with an in-depth evaluation of the landscape finance environment of Kenya, to be published later this year.

Finally, we are working with a specific landscape in Kenya, the Lake Naivasha Basin, and its multi-stakeholder governance authority Imarisha Naivasha, to development a “landscape fund” that will help to aggregate and coordinate investments in sustainable land management from multiple sources, including the private sector, in accordance with the landscape’s strategic plan.

View the presentation for more information, and keep up with our latest finance work by subscribing to the blog.

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