October 3, 2016

EcoAg helps launch new program with partner Solidaridad in Honduras

Louis WertzEcoAgriculture Partners

La Prensa in Honduras reports on the launch of Solidaridad Network’s new Programa de Paisajes Sostenibles de Honduras (PASOS).

EcoAgriculture Partners is helping Solidaridad with the design and implementation of a three-year multi-sector landscape approach to sustainability in the northern zone of Honduras, building off a successful platform with the palm oil sector. The Sustainable Landscapes Program of Honduras will promote sustainable tourism, energy, and especially responsible palm oil development. Oil palm has been replacing more “traditional” Honduran commodities, like banana and pineapple, since at least 2011. Solidaridad’s program focuses on developing public-private partnerships that will incentive best practices for sustainability both up and down commodity value chains and, with the help of EcoAgriculture Partners, horizontally across all economic activities within a landscape.

The article quotes EcoAgriculture Partners’ Senior Program Manager Lee Gross saying “es una plataforma para mejorar la cooperación para el desarrollo sostenible de Honduras. Nosotros trabajamos en el mundo con muchos socios y queremos facilitar esa experiencia aquí en Honduras, y también aprender de las suyas.” [translation: We are building a multi-stakeholder platform to coordinate sustainable development in northern Honduras. We work with partners around the world and we want to help facilitate knowledge exchange here while at the same time learning from Honduras.]

Read the complete article in Spanish.

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