January 26, 2016

A conversation with our new Communications Intern, Mara Novak

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Mara Novak recently joined the EcoAg team as our winter Communications Intern. Her background in International Studies and Communications, along with her passion for sustainable agriculture, is already helping us to spread the word about integrated landscape management.


Mara, tell us a bit about yourself. What is your background and what led you to be interested in sustainable agriculture?

Mara: I’m a Senior at American University, majoring in International Studies and minoring in Communications. I grew up in a rural town in Pennsylvania where I was surrounded by dairy and vegetable farms. Because of this, I had the privilege of eating a lot of locally grown, sustainable food. This, I belief, led me to be interested in sustainable agriculture.

What brought you to EcoAgriculture Partners? Can you share a bit on what you are doing, and what you look forward to working on during your internship?

Mara: I heard about this internship opportunity through my school’s Communications Department. I was instantly excited about it because it merges my communications experience with my interest in agriculture. As the communications intern, I get to spend a lot of time reading relevant literature, crafting corresponding social media (specifically Tweets), and I also use social media to promote the work that is done by EcoAgriculture Partners — which is really fun and exciting!

Through my internship, I really look forward to developing a social media tool kit, which can be used to increase the organization’s social media presence, and [also] to learning more about EcoAg’s work.

You are about to graduate soon. Can you share some personal goals you have this season, and after you graduate? How do you feel this internship supports your future plans?

Mara: Yes, absolutely! Some of my long term goals…I would love to travel and experience global food systems, both domestically in the United States and internationally. Everyone in EcoAg has such interesting background experiences, and knowledge that is priceless to be around and listen to. Through reading relevant literature, I’m developing a strong foundation and understanding that I can use post-college.

Meet Mara here


Top photo from Nicholas A. Tonelli on Flickr.

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