Level-up your Landscape Leadership

Landscape Leadership 3-Day Intensive Workshop

Take your leadership skills in integrated landscape approaches to sustainable development, agriculture and climate change to the next level during three intense and rewarding days with EcoAgriculture Partners’ expert trainers at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia.

Upcoming Workshop: April 4-6, 2017

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Develop the competencies and confidence to start and manage diverse cross-sectoral multi-stakeholder landscape management partnerships.

Systematically explore the technical fundamentals and tools for integrated landscape analysis, planning and monitoring & evaluation.

Learn from our training staff’s 60-plus combined years of integrated landscape research and capacity-building experience.

Bring your own experiences to the table: our intensive workshop is tailored to our students’ experience-level, goals and priorities.

Gain the skills to design and implement the next generation of integrated natural resource management programs.


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What will I learn?

  1. The specific features, benefits and potentials of integrated landscape management for addressing diverse production, social and ecological goals.
  2. Leadership skills and qualities needed to convene, facilitate and advance an integrated landscape initiative.
  3. Use of collaborative and spatial planning and assessment tools to support multi-sector and multi-stakeholder decision-making for landscape goals.
  4. Strategies to engage and work effectively with the private sector among other stakeholders in landscape partnerships.
  5. Ways to mobilize an coordinate finance and investment of land uses and land users to achieve landscape goals.

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Learn from the experts in Integrated Landscape Management.

Meet Lead Trainer Dr. Louise Buck

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Be ready to answer the integration call

The United Nations, governments, foundations: they are all calling for integrated approaches in new sustainable development initiatives. If you aren’t adapting your work to this new paradigm, you’re being left behind.

Leading integrated landscape projects and programs is different than traditional leadership. New mental models for landscape leadership are step one in transforming business-as-usual into the new integrated development paradigm.

Learn the practices and tools behind the jargon.
So you can take every development dollar further.


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Who should attend?

EcoAgriculture Partners leadership course participants are mid-career development and environmental practitioners who are challenged to solve complex cross-sectoral environmental problems from a wide range of disciplinary, geographic, and organizational backgrounds including nonprofit and community-based organizations, applied research and education institutions, government, international agencies, and the business sector.

Past courses around the world have included leaders from numerous international, national and local NGOs and producer organizations; government ministries of agriculture, health, rural development and environment; and international organizations such as the World Bank and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Dig deep into concepts first hand on a field trip in the Shenandoah Valley


The field trip will provide an opportunity for all workshop participants to:

  • gain first hand insight from Virginia Working Landscape (VWL) members into conditions and processes that stimulated the formation of the VWL network and factors that bind the network over time;
  • observe innovative grazing and crop production practices that are compatible with biodiversity conservation;
  • learn about marketing methods that support the profitability of biodiversity-friendly production practices;
  • hear about strategies that the VWL network uses to gain local policy support for their multi-jurisdictional land use strategies;
  • gain experience using a landscape scorecard tool to help assess the outcomes of the Virginia Working Landscape initiative.

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Prepare your organization for the integrated era

If you don’t know what’s really new and different about “integrated landscape approaches,” how will your staff?

Consider sending key team leaders so your organization is ready to respond to calls for integrated approaches to sustainable development and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Are your employees prepared to excel at delivering the new “integrated” projects you’ve been winning?

We’ve been training integrated landscape leaders for more than a decade.

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Venue Details

Lodging: Accommodations are single ensuite rooms with WiFi and TV, in the conference lodge on the beautiful campus of the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, VA. Beautiful Shenandoah Valley scenery surrounds the venue. We encourage course participants to stay with us at SCBI during the course, as morning and evening networking, reflection, and knowledge-sharing increase the value of the workshop for all participants. However, if you would prefer to commute each day to SCBI, you can book without lodging at a discounted rate.

Board: Lunch and dinner on day 1, all three meals on day 2, and breakfast and lunch on day 3, along with snacks, water, and coffee and tea throughout the program are provided. Meals are deliciously prepared in the SCBI dining hall, where indoor and outdoor seating is available.

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Field trip and other details are subject to change.

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